Raymarine SPX-40 Autopilot

SPX-40 Autopilot large    

For steer-by-wire drive systems


Designed to integrate with all NMEA 2000 steer-by-wire CAN based systems the Raymarine SPX-40 represents the convergence of autopilot and propulsion technology.


Employing Raymarine's proven AST (Advanced Steering Technology), the SPX-40 delivers razor sharp course keeping and smooth course turns, in conjunction with the compatible 'steer by wire' propulsion systems.



Building on the innovative technology of the SPX-CAN pilot, the SPX-40 introduces Raymarine’s AST (Advanced Steering Technology) to the new Teleflex Optimus drive by wire systems for outboard-steered boats.


Connection is simplicity itself with the SPX-40 linking directly with the Teleflex control bus over CAN, without the need for a separate interface gateway.


Connection to Raymarine's class-leading multifunction displays and instruments is achieved via the proven SeaTalk technology.