Axiom 2 XL

16, 19, 22, and 24-inch premium, glass bridge chartplotters with advanced networking and video integration capabilities.

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Axiom 2 XL
A Commanding View

A Commanding View

The flagship of the Axiom family, Axiom 2 XL delivers powerful chartplotter performance, stylish large-format navigation, and the confidence of the LightHouse operating system. Designed for all weather conditions, the rugged yet beautiful Axiom 2 XL displays are at home in open cockpits or enclosed glass bridge stations. Enhanced with powerful 6-core processors, expanded networking, and ultra-bright HydroTough displays, Axiom 2 XL is the premium chartplotter for captains who demand the best.

Power that Pushes the Limits

Power that Pushes the Limits

Axiom 2 XL chartplotters do everything faster. Pan and zoom charts with ease and harness the full power of Axiom 2 XL with radar, sonar modules, autopilot, and video integrated seamlessly with the intelligent LightHouse operating system.

Axiom 2 6 Core CPU

6 Core Processor

Get underway and do everything faster

Axiom 2 64GB of Storage

Ample Storage

64 GB for waypoints, apps, and LightHouse Charts

Axiom 2 XL Faster Performance

Smooth Video and Faster Charts

Faster video frame rates and 30% faster chart rendering

Ready for All Conditions

Ready for All Conditions

Axiom 2 XL's exclusive HydroTough™ nano-coating technology repels water for confident touchscreen control, beautiful colors, and excellent sunlight visibility.

Smart Backlighting

Smart Backlighting

Axiom 2 XL's ambient light sensor automatically adjusts display brightness for day and evening lighting conditions.

Remote Control

Remote Control

Navigate effortlessly with Axiom 2 XL's touchscreen or take command with the optional RMK-10 remote keypad. The RMK-10 provides full remote control of every Axiom on the helm. 

RMK-10 Keypad

One Display- Endless Possibilities 

Axiom 2 XL with LightHouse Charts

Discover More 

Created from official hydrographic charts, you can trust LightHouse Charts and Axiom 2 XL for maximum readability, intuitive navigation, and superior quality.

Axiom 2 XL with Doppler Radar

Upgrade your Awareness

Add a Quantum 2 radome or Cyclone open array radar and navigate safer with Doppler target tracking and radar/chart overlay.

Axiom 2 XL with FLIR Thermal

Turn Night Into Day

FLIR thermal imaging and Axiom 2 XL turn night into day, keeping you safe and secure so you can boat with confidence.

Axiom 2 XL with RealVision MAX CHIRP Fishfinder

Fish to the Max

Outfit Axiom 2 XL with CHIRP sonar modules. Choose the CP570 for deep water adventures or the RVM1600 with RealVision MAX SideVision, DownVision, and 3D fish finder. 

Axiom 2 XL with Mercury VesselView

Advanced Sailing Tools

Axiom 2 XL offers a suite of smart sailing features to help you optimize your performance under sail, including layline overlays, preloaded polars, sailing dashboards, and race timers. 

Axiom 2 XL with chartplotter, radar and sonar

Navigate with Confidence

Axiom 2 XL's intuitive LightHouse operating system makes everything easier. Integrate all navigation, engine and sensor data on a single display

Axiom 2 XLwith ClearCruise Augmented Reality

Make Smarter Decisions

Add a CAM300 and an AR200 sensor for ClearCruise augmented reality. See AIS, waypoints, and chart objects overlaid on high-definition video.

Axiom 2 XL with Mercury VesselView

Advanced Engine Integration

Connect with NMEA2000-compatible engines or experience advanced integration with Mercury SmartCraft and Yamaha Command Link engines.

Axiom 2 Pro with Audio controls

Stream, Watch, and Listen

Stream Netflix and Spotify, connect and control Fusion, JL Audio, and Rockford Fosgate marine audio systems, or view Axiom 2 XL on the big screen with HDMI output.

Smarter Boating 

Axiom 2 XL with YachtSense Link

Stay Connected

Add the YachtSense Link router and keep your system connected onboard and off with the Raymarine mobile App.

Axiom 2 XL streaming to a smartphone

Axiom on your Smartphone

Built-in Wi-Fi lets you view and control your Axiom 2 XL on your phone or tablet with the Raymarine Mobile App.

Axiom 2 XL and LightHouse Apps

Do More with LightHouse Apps

Expand the capabilities of our Axiom 2 XL with third-party apps from our marine technology partners. Explore LightHouse Apps for Axiom   

Unleash the Power of Axiom 2 XL 

Three RayNet Ethernet POE ports, NMEA2000, HDMI input, HDMI Output, USB, and remote keypad options give you the power to design an Axiom 2 XL glass bridge with multiple Axiom displays, fish finder modules, marine radar, autopilot, thermal, and video cameras.

Axiom 2 Pro helm

Axiom 2 XL Models

Available in 16, 19, 22 and 24-inch display sizes

Axiom 2 XL 16 Chartplotter

SKU: E70661
Axiom 2 XL 16 Chartplotter
  • 16" Display

Axiom 2 XL 16 Chartplotter Kit

SKU: T70545
Axiom 2 XL 16 Chartplotter Kit
  • 16" Display

  • Remote chart card reader, alarm module and cable kit included

Axiom 2 XL 19 Chartplotter

SKU: E70662
Axiom 2 XL 19 Chartplotter
  • 19" Display

Axiom 2 XL 19 Chartplotter Kit

SKU: T70546
Axiom 2 XL 19 Chartplotter Kit
  • 19" Display

  • Remote chart card reader, alarm module and cable kit included

Axiom 2 XL 22 Chartplotter

SKU: E70663
Axiom 2 XL 22 Chartplotter
  • 22" Display

Axiom 2 XL 22 Chartplotter Kit

SKU: T70547
Axiom 2 XL 22 Chartplotter Kit
  • 22" Display

  • Remote chart card reader, alarm module and cable kit included

Axiom 2 XL 24 Chartplotter

SKU: E70664
Axiom 2 XL 24 Chartplotter
  • 24" Display

Axiom 2 XL 24 Chartplotter Kit

SKU: T70548
Axiom 2 XL 24 Chartplotter Kit
  • 24" Display

  • Remote chart card reader, alarm module and cable kit included

Axiom 2 XL Resources

Operating temperature

-25°C to +55°C (-13°F to 131°F)

Storage temperature

-30°C to +70°C (-22°F to 158°F)

Relative humidity

up to 93% @ 40°C (104°F)

Waterproof rating

IPx6, IPx7


Axiom XL 16: Height: 248.22 mm (9.77 in), Width, 394.9 mm (15.55 in), Depth (including cables): 174.95 mm (6.89 in)

Axiom XL 19: Height: 289.44 mm (11.40 in), Width, 461.78 mm (18.18 in), Depth (including cables): 174.95 mm (6.89 in)

Axiom XL 22: Height: 326.33 mm (12.85 in), Width, 533.56 mm (21.00 in), Depth (including cables): 180.75 mm (7.12 in)

AxiomXL 24: Height: 386.84 mm (15.23 in), Width, 578.40 mm (22.77 in), Depth (including cables): 177.39 mm (6.98 in)


Axiom XL 16: 5.9 kg (13 lbs)

Axiom XL 19: 7.6 kg (16.76 lbs)

Axiom XL 22: 9.9 kg (21.83 lbs)

Axiom XL 24: 11.3 kg (24.9 lbs)

USB connection

USB-A: Touch input, USB-B: Touch output

Accessory connection

USB Micro B

GPS antenna connection

TNC type connector

External storage

Remote card reader required

NMEA 0183 connection

Port 1: Input and output 4,800 or 38,400 baud rate, Port 2: Input only 4,800 or 38,400 baud rate

Ethernet connection

PoE RayNet (10/100/1,000 Mbits/s) x 3

HDMI connections

HDMI in, HDMI out

NMEA 2000 connection

DeviceNet connector

Analog video connections

Composite BNC connectors x 2 (Alarm/Video 1 connector, Power/Data/Video cable Video 2)

Wireless connections

Bluetooth: V4.0, Wi-Fi: Dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) 802.11/b/g/n

External alarm connection

Bare-ended wires x 2

Internal storage

64 GB Solid State

Size (diagonal)

Axiom XL 16: 15.6"

Axiom XL 19: 18.5"

Axiom XL 22: 21.5"

Axiom XL 24: 24"


Axiom XL 16: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Axiom XL 19: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Axiom XL 22: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Axiom XL 24: 1920 x 1200 WUXGA


Axiom XL 16: 1300 nits / 1300 cd/m2

Axiom XL 19: 1200 nits / 1200 cd/m2

Axiom XL 22: 1500 nits / 1500 cd/m2

Axiom XL 24: 1300 nits / 1300 cd/m2

Viewing angle

Axiom XL 16: Top 88° / Bottom 88° / Left 88° / Right 88°

Axiom XL 19: Top 88° / Bottom 88° / Left 88° / Right 88°

Axiom XL 22: Top 89° / Bottom 89° / Left 89° / Right 89°

Axiom XL 24: Top 89° / Bottom 89° / Left 89° / Right 89°


Axiom XL 16: 16:9

Axiom XL 19: 16:9

Axiom XL 22: 16:9

Axiom XL 24: 16:10


IPS (In-Plane Switching)

Color depth


Number of simultaneous touches


Power consumption @ 12 V dc

Axiom XL 16: 77.88 W

Axiom XL 19: 87.48 W

Axiom XL 22: 97.32 W

Axiom XL 24: 93.6 W

Power consumption @ 24 V dc

Axiom XL 16: 70.80 W

Axiom XL 19: 76.08 W

Axiom XL 22: 81.84 W

Axiom XL 24: 80.88 W

Off current @ 12 V dc

PoE: 2,250 mA (27 W), No PoE: 360 mA (4.32 W)

Off current @ 24 V dc

PoE: 1,150 mA (27.6 W), No PoE: 240 mA (5.76 W)

PoE operating voltage range

9.5 V dc to 32 V dc


9.5 A

Operating voltage range

8 V dc to 32 V dc

Fuse rating

15 A

Nominal supply voltage

12 V dc / 24 V dc

LEN (NMEA 2000 Load Equivalency Number)


What's in the box illustration
What's in the box?

Axiom 2 XL package contents


MFD (Chartplotter)


Mounting gasket tape


Rear mounting bars x 2


Mounting bar fixings (M5x20 pozi countersunk) x 4


Mounting fixings: Bolts (M5x35), Wavy washers (M5), Nuts (M5) Mounting feet x 4


Optional grounding connection (Screw (M3x5), Spring washer (M3), Crimp terminal (M3))




DeviceNet to SeaTalkng adaptor cable 1m (3.28 ft)


RayNet (Female) to RayNet (Female) network cable 2 m (6.56 ft)


Power/Video/Audio cable 1.5 m (4.92 ft) right-angled