Ambassador Ari Känsäkoski faces hardship in the Global Solo Challenge

Ambassador Ari Känsäkoski faces hardship in the Global Solo Challenge

In October 2023 Raymarine Ambassador Ari Känsäkoski set out to complete a solo circumnavigation in the Global Solo Challenge, but a sudden disaster in the Southern Ocean prompted him to change his plans.

Monday - 22 April 2024

Finnish sailor and Raymarine Ambassador Ari Känsäkoski wanted to fulfill his lifelong dream of completing a solo circumnavigation of the world, equipped with Raymarine electronics, in the Global Solo Challenge. 

Ari’s ambition was to complete the 26,000 nautical mile race without burning fossil fuels, to align with his ZEROchallenge initiative. He departed from Spain in October 2023, to traverse the world's three great capes.

Ari chose Raymarine electronics due to their robustness and ease of use, aligning with his preference for simplicity and functionality. Onboard he had the latest Raymarine equipment, including amongst many the Axiom+ 12 chartplotter, Quantum Q24D radar, EV-200 autopilot, and YachtSense Link.

Ari Känsäkoski Global Challenge

A New Challenge Arises

Ari Känsäkoski faced adversity when his Class 40 yacht, ZEROchallenge, dismasted in the treacherous Roaring Forties on December 21, 2023. Despite being 1000 nautical miles south of Madagascar, and facing limited resources, Känsäkoski demonstrated remarkable seamanship and resilience in navigating his way to safety in Durban, South Africa.

After the mast collapsed, Känsäkoski embarked on a challenging journey, initially securing the fallen mast, and constructing a jury rig to continue sailing. With dwindling fuel and adverse weather conditions he charted a northerly course, depleting his fuel reserves. On Christmas day, a message was broadcasted to nearby vessels for assistance.

The Japanese fishing vessel Tomi Maru No.58 responded to the distress call, successfully transferring crucial fuel and supplies to Känsäkoski. However, with a significant portion of his journey still ahead, a fortunate encounter with the Finnish RO-PAX vessel Finncanopus proved pivotal. Finncanopus provided further assistance, including clean diesel and provisions, enabling Känsäkoski to proceed towards Durban.

Ari Känsäkoski rescue

Upon arrival in Durban on January 15th, 2024, Känsäkoski faced a final challenge when his engine belt broke just 10 miles from port. However, assistance from rescue boat R5A ensured his safe arrival at Durban Marina.

Känsäkoski expresses gratitude to all involved, including MRCC Reunion, Captain Hagiya and the crew of Tomi Maru No. 58, Captain Jyrki Repo and the crew of Finncanopus, as well as various organizations and individuals who contributed to his fundraiser. The support received exemplifies the spirit of camaraderie in the maritime community, for which Känsäkoski is very grateful.

Ari may not have completed his planned journey, but the hardships and challenges he faced have taught him many valuable lessons, and he is excited to move forward to the next project aboard Raymarine equipped ZEROchallenge.

Ari in S Africa